The Syrian misery

It is hard to imagine haw miserable the current situation in Syria after more than 4 decades of the Baa’th party ruling every single element of life in that Mediterranean country. The Bath’ists came to power by military action in 1963; they suspended all other political parties at that time and arrested their activists and leaders by imposing the state of emergency which still into effect until today. In fact they governed the Syrian state via their special forces and the low of torture and fear; they never managed to reign by negotiating with others or via respecting the choice of the Syrian citizen or Syrian politicians, they have dealt with the ‘other’ as an enemy what ever they are. The most important issue for bath’ist is the fully control over the country by force, by detentions, or by even killing. Does not matter for them haw big the figure of casualties; the issue is haw to stay in power as long as it is possible to do so.

Revolt and opposition to such barbaric theory was since the early years of their obsession over the country, but they were heartless regarding any one who could say :no. three options were available-and still- to any Syrian opposition member estimated ‘ an enemy’ for the bath’ist: detention, exile, or death.

Some of the Syrian opposition used to call their country under the Bath’ists as ‘ republic of silence.’ I was told that when a coach travelling to Syria from Jordan or from Jeddah or what ever, the passengers keep talking ,smiling and enjoining their trip until the coach reaches the Syrian boarders, there , suddenly the silence reign over all , every body look on the person beside as an spy, a secret detective , some one who could record his speech , some one who is linked with the intelligence forces of Assad family ,which could do huge harm to any one here in their ‘farm’ the Syrian state.

All passengers of that coach know very well: here, in Syria the low is exactly what the big generals want. In fact there is no low at all. The justice system is totally and completely owned to them’ the generals’. The parliament is one of their slaves, the armed forces are beggars on their doors, and the overall Syrian citizens are not more than labours in their big farm ‘the Syrian state’.

Here, in Syria there are millions of poor peoples, and few of very very rich generals. Those were initially too poor, but with their unlimited authorities, they became the richest among others. They could intervene in every single type of commerce even prohibited ones , and could be –by force- partners to any trader, and they could prevent any company from running its business if they refuse to pay what they should pay to ‘generals’, and they are managing activities which contrast with the high values of the Syrian society like ‘night clubs’.

Generals are exactly like a mafia, they have authority to do what they like without fear of prosecution.

The relative of the Syrian president Bshar Assad have more privileges. Some of them are generals who mounted the military ladder so quickly. Some are running the biggest commercial business in the country like the mobile company and so on, they became the no 1 Syrian business men in very short time, and the quickest getting high military ranks as well. Is it not the Syrian misery? Is it not the sad Assdist farm? Is it not the heartbroken nation? Yes it is. Only the holly God could save our lovely Syria. Ali Al ahmad –London

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